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Global downshifting (ENGLISH VERSION)

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Последователи: Snail

Global downshifting (ENGLISH VERSION)

Сообщение Snail » 12 янв 2013, 11:53

Have you ever thought what would happen if one day all our technologies would b out of work? What if we would have no way to charge all our rechargeable devices , send messages through social networks and – yes – no chance to ask Google, Wikipedia and so on?
As Martin Luter King said once “I have a dream”. Sometimes I have a dream just like him. I imagine the world without all our devices. People reading paper books, playing real games and speaking live words to each other. Kids growing without having any idea about PSP, IPad and Counterstrike.
Maybe this time all the IT-girls and boys became just the usual guys.
What will happen in this case? I imagine the next situation. Digital companies shift their productive efforts to other area. For example they will start to produce dynamo-machine which will help to charge your cell-phone battery to send at least 203 short messages. In the world where will be no media it would be not bad way to communicated to your mom something like – “don’t worry, Mum, I’m ok!”.
Some changes will take place in the HR-area as well. For example, IT-specialists will be necessary no more. Such jobs like worker, farmer, carpenter, housekeeper, teacher (which can read and teach kids to love old kind books not kindle or e-book as well) will be on the top.
It will be the time of global downshifting. What to do in a block, condominium, and skyscraper, if there will be no electrical lights, no elevator and no digital-channel TV working? What sense to have gold VISA-card if there are no working ATM all over the world?
Crowds of yesterday middle-class typical urban guys will move to country. Just to have their own place to live, garden to rise the harvest and the lake for kids to swim… Just the get chance for life without IT-technologies.
Maybe this will at least turn people face to face to the nature and force us to think how to save everything that can save our lives one day? When cell-phones silent, e-mail is offline and there is no way to get the fresh portion of TV-news…
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